Registered Institutions V.S. Authorized Institutions

Registered Institution

By being a registered institution, you simply are identifying as a school within our database and it allows students to correlate their OpenCG exam scores with your school's name. It also gives you the power to see how your school performs, giving you information like the average score, the lowest score, the highest score, and even each student's individual score. By being a registered institution it doesn't give you access to our exams. That's where being an authorized institution comes in.

How to become a registered institution

We will be adding a video walkthrough soon.

Authorized Institution

By being an authorized institution, you undergo human evaluation (by an OpenCG employee) to determine if you are able to obtain access to our secure content. This gives you access to our secure exams and answer guides, our fast support portal for teachers, teacher specific announcements from CodeGeek's staff, and so many more features! (with even more on the way!)

How to become an authorized institution

We will be adding a video walkthrough soon.