What do we offer?

What do we offer?

We offer many things to you, the teacher. Such things include:

  • Teaching Presentations
  • Problem Sets
  • Lesson Recaps
  • High Quality Examinations

How do I access these materials

We are currently developing a content deliver network to deliver these materials to you, in an easy manor. Our exams however will not be on our public content deliver network. They will be in a separate, login required, content delivery network. You will be given a username and a password to login with. From here, you will be able to download a PDF copy of the following items:

  • Student copy of all three examination booklets
  • Student answer booklet
  • Examination rating guide for teachers only
    • This won't be available until after the exams have been administered in order to prevent cheating and academic dishonesty

Example Material

Here we've provided you a sample video lecture that we use for our online version of the course. This can give you a feel on how to teach our content.