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Our goal when we first started, was to develop the highest quality courses to teach fundamental computer science topics. However, that model has changed over time. After developing really great courses, we also designed a ton of great teaching resources. After we taught the course however, they ended up just sitting around collecting dust. That's where OpenCG comes in. OpenCG is our initiative to create open sourced teaching materials and student evaluations to help spread computer science education.

Open Sourced

All of our materials are freely accessible and open to everyone for use and modification (however, our exams are protected to maintain academic honesty)


Verified Institutions

All teachers who are part of a school (or other accredited academic institution), may register to access our exams and other secure documents to better teach computer science.



We ethically collect data. We use this data simply to analyze the effectiveness of our content. You can check out our data privacy policy to see what it is we collect exactly.


Community Driven

We are working on expanding the community of teachers we have working with us. By doing so, we can also expand our support network by allowing teachers to help teachers. The more teachers we have, the better support you get.


Professional Development

All teachers who want to teach using our content, are able to undergo a professional development course to ensure that they have a foundational grasp of the concepts in the course.


Data Security

We collect data on students who you teach, and who choose to take our exams. All data however is secure and censored to maintain student data privacy

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Luigi Battaglioli
Founder and Instructor

Growing up, I've always had a passion for three things. Teaching, learning, and computer science. I decided to harness those passions and turn them into something beneficial, so I started CodeGeek, a nonprofit that teaches computer science education.