About us.

We are a not for profit organization devoted to creating courses to teach computer science.


Open sourced.

With our goal of creating high quality courses and course curriculum in mind, we went ahead and did just that, and more. We are truly passionate about computer science, and education. We started off developing a multitude of different material to teach our course online. We wanted to teach through video lectures online via a massive, open, online course. While building our online course, in addition to making really high quality teaching materials, we also wrote (what we thought) was an awesome computer science curriculum, which pushed us to create Open CodeGeek, or OpenCG

OpenCG is our initiative to spread computer science education, and to make it more accessible. With OpenCG, we are now giving you access to all of our high quality teaching materials. You’ll have access to the teaching presentations, lesson notes, problem sets, and other supplementary resources. All of these materials are free of course, and all of our materials are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. That means that you are free to share our materials and adapt them for your own use. With OpenCG, if you register as an verified institution through us, you even get access to the three different examinations we’ve created to benchmark the students understanding and growth throughout the course. You’re also provided with scoring and rating guides for these exams.


Verified institutions.

With OpenCG Verified Institutions, you can sign up with us as a registered teacher or as a registered institution. Doing so, you gain access to our secure exams, student progress tracking, and more!

In order to become a verified teacher, you must provide us with evidence that you’re a teacher or plan on using our materials to teach a class at a large scale, like in a classroom setting. We require evidence that you are a teacher to maintain test security and to ensure that the exams don’t fall into the wrong hands. We want all students to have an equal opportunity to show their ability on our exams, and thus we keep our exams secure.

We value open source materials, that’s how we all learned how to code in the first place. We want you to have the same opportunity, that’s why all of our content is freely accessible without an account. However, if you want to use our exams you need to be a teacher.



Data is beautiful. Not only is it an amazingly awesome Subreddit (check it out), it is also a very true statement. That’s why we collect it, primarily from your students. We collect data for a multitude of reasons:

  • To see how effective our materials are
  • To measure your effectiveness as a teacher
  • Most importantly, to see how students grow throughout your course

We collect student metrics and data in areas such as

  • Demographics
    • Location
    • Race and ethnicity
    • Sex
    • Age
  • Performance
    • Exam grades

We collect this demographic data to understand the type of students who take your course and what students are not taking it. For example, there is a significantly less number of females compared to males, who are in the computer science field. We hope to use this data to overcome these barriers, and to include everyone in computer science education.

We understand that student data privacy is a major concern, and that's why we take data privacy and protection very seriously. See our section on data security to learn more.

Meet our team.

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Luigi Battaglioli
Founder and Instructor

Growing up, I've always had a passion for three things. Teaching, learning, and computer science. I decided to harness those passions and turn them into something beneficial, so I started CodeGeek, a nonprofit that teaches computer science education.